Sweet Petite


At Sweet Petite, we like to bring a little fun and happiness to your life. We make Sweet Things for Rad People. We’re a family business and our focus is on New Zealand designed and made. We love to support other Mums and families rocking their businesses to help grow ours.

When I talk about us or we, I usually mean me (Danielle) as I do the majority of the designing, packaging and looking after our beautiful customers. I couldn’t be where I am today without my family though. You can read a little about them here.

We offer prints, colouring books, notebooks and are home of The Original Peg Prints© and Peg Families. Our prints are energetic and colourful but we do love to look after our monochromatic fans so include those as well. “The Sweet Petite Book of” series of colouring books is well underway with our first book published being The Sweet Petite Book of Doodles. Danielle has drawn each image by hand before spending hours vectorising them on the computer to get them ready for the book!

Peg Dolls are a huge trend in home decor, but there was a giant void in the market - nobody was doing prints of them! We’re proud to be the first globally to offer Peg Doll Prints, that we’ve dubbed The Original Peg Prints©. We also have the personalised Peg Family portraits which are a modern take on a family portrait, without all the hassle of getting everybody ready, keeping them clean and preventing public meltdowns in the park...