Meet The Team

Meet the team


Danielle is the creative (evil?!) genius behind the designs and products. By her side is Mike, a 6ft 6 trucker who loves working! Their two children, Leo (3) and Mia (8 months) light up their lives in ways they never imagined possible. They also have two fur babies - a couple of Tonkinese cats. Kava and Hugo are brother and sister although looking at them you wouldn’t think so. Hugo is a lilac point beast at 8kg and Kava is a petite tortoiseshell at 3kg.

Danielle loves to bake and practice hand lettering. Anything sweet is on the menu, brownie, cookies and cheesecakes are favourites in our family. When she’s not lettering to her heart’s content you will find her on Instagram looking at all the pretty pictures!

Mike enjoys reading news articles, plane watching and sleeping.

Leo has inherited his father’s love of all big things with wheels - planes, trains, cars, trucks  - you name it, he loves it! He’s a very tall 2 year old, already standing over one metre tall and in size 4-5 clothing.

Mia loves grabbing onto her teethers and toys, chewing Mum’s thumb and giggling. Oh, those sweet baby giggles!

Kava and Hugo are six and enjoy long naps in the sun when they’re not sleeping by the fire, of course!

We’re delighted you’ve found us and can’t wait to share the sweet journey with you.