The family behind Sweet Petite are lovers of food, good times and the occasional cider. You'll often find them in an American Diner or hanging out at home.


DanielleDANIELLE  |  She's the brains of this crazy ride. An introverted creative at heart, she's always got a billion tabs open in her brain and will go off on a tangent in the middle of a conversation because that's how her brain works. When she's tired she literally laughs till she cries at the most ridiculous things. Also loves: chocolate, eggs benedict and listening to the rain on the roof. 
MikeMIKE  |  He puts up with Danielle's wacky ideas. He's a workaholic who drives trucks for a living. He attempts to keep Danielle grounded with his logical thinking. It works most of the time. Often found watching Youtube videos of planes and mechanical feats or sleeping on the couch. Also loves: burgers, ribs and creaming soda floats.
The KidsTHE KIDS  |  LEO & MIA  |  Leo is truck and plane mad like his father. He also loves Paw Patrol and putting stickers everywhere. His favourite food would hands down be a cheeseburger and milkshake.
Mia is 3 and loves music. Destroying everything in her path has earned her the nickname Destructikon. She loves dancing and eating everything in sight.
The CatsTHE CATS  |  HUGO & KAVA  |  A brother and sister duo that arrived a few months before Danielle's 21st birthday.
Hugo's famous for shredding cardboard and paper into smithereens. Often found sleeping with the kids or in cardboard boxes. Also see: TANK.
Kava is a more modest kitty. She's so little in comparison to Hugo that people think she's still a kitten. Often found sitting on your shoulders or soaking up the sun.