Perfect for Father's Day

Dads Rock.

Whether you're shopping for a Dad, Step-dad, Grandad, Opa, Pa, Grandpa or even a male friend that's significant in your child's life... I've got something perfect for your person. 

Fist Bumps celebrates those male bonds beautifully.

Does he love sports?!

If that male person in your life loves sports, then the Dream Team print might be right up his alley. With most NZ sports team shirts available (or pick his favourite colour,) there is sure to be one that he will adore. 

Maybe you have a special hero?

Both the Bespoke and The Original Peg Prints© styles of portrait illustration are available in a Hero print. Your hero is hand drawn to look like them, from an image you provide. There's a really cool option now too where I can add a special background for you.

So, how does it work?