Birth Flower Meanings and Symbolism

Flowers; they have got to be one of the greatest gifts from Mother Nature, alongside a glorious sunset or sunrise, of course! Each birth flower has its own set of associated characteristics, just like the zodiac signs and birthstones have theirs. The meaning of flowers can change depending on their colour. The qualities below are a well-rounded list I've researched so you don't have to.

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  • Sweet Petite | Birth Flower Meanings and Symbolism | January's birth flower is the Carnation.

    January Birth Flower - Carnation

    January has the Carnation as its birth flower. Carnations in full bloom have ruffled silky petals atop either a single stem or a cluster of two to five flowers.


    Love, loyalty and devotion.


    Carnations are edible. The petals are often used for decorating cakes or as a salad garnish. No need to be excited; they are pretty bland! 

  • Sweet Petite | Birth Flower Meanings and Symbolism | February's birth flower is the Iris.

    February Birth Flower - Iris

    February has the Iris as its birth flower. Irises have six colourful portions - three petals and three sepals. The three petals stand upright and are commonly known as standards.


    Wisdom, friendship, hope and courage.


    The name Iris comes from the Greek word for rainbow. Iris is also the Goddess of the rainbow.

  • Sweet Petite | Birth Flower Meanings and Symbolism | March's birth flower is the Daffodil.

    March Birth Flower - Daffodil

    March has the Daffodil as its birth flower. Delicate buds of sunshine, Daffodils have cheerful bright blooms comprising six petals Surrounding a trumpet. The most commonly known Daffodil is yellow, but there are other colours too.


    Rebirth, new beginnings, rejuvenation, happiness, luck, faithfulness and prosperity.


    The correct name for the trumpet of a Daffodil flower is Corona!

  • Sweet Petite | Birth Flower Meanings and Symbolism | April's birth flower is the Daisy.

    April Birth Flower - Daisy

    April has the Daisy as its birth flower. Daisies generally have a bright yellow centre surrounded by a rosette of thin white petals. 


    Innocence, purity, transformation, loyalty and new beginnings. 


    A daisy's cousin is the sunflower.

  • Sweet Petite | Birth Flower Meanings and Symbolism | May's birth flower is the Lily of the Valley.

    May Birth Flower - Lily of the Valley

    May has the Lily of the Valley as its birth flower. Lily of the Valley has many dainty white blossoms clustered on a single stem.  


    Humility, happiness returning, motherhood and purity.


    Lily of the Valley is a popular bouquet choice for royal brides. It even featured in the bridal bouquet at the wedding of William and Catherine.

  • Sweet Petite | Birth Flower Meanings and Symbolism | June's birth flower is the Rose.

    June Birth Flower - Rose

    June has the Rose as its birth flower. Universally they are loved for their variety of deep, rich coloured blooms, sweet smell and velvety textured petals. 


    Love, passion, beauty, devotion, honour and confidentiality.


    About two thousand roses are needed to make a single gram of rose oil suitable for use in perfumes.

  • Sweet Petite | Birth Flower Meanings and Symbolism | July's birth flower is the Water Lily.

    July Birth Flower - Water Lily

    July has the Water Lily as its birth flower. Water lilies are a type of floating flower. The lily pads are aptly named because they allow a single lily flower to rest.


    Purity, sweetness, enlightenment, joy and rebirth.


    Water Lilies open and close each day, and their leaves help to provide shade to the aquatic life beneath the surface! 

  • Sweet Petite | Birth Flower Meanings and Symbolism | August's birth flower is the Poppy.

    August Birth Flower - Poppy

    August has the Poppy as its birth flower. A red Poppy is a known symbol of the First World War but was a symbol of remembrance before this too. Poppy flowers are shaped like cups and have four to six petals.


    Remembrance, relaxation, recovery, happiness, enchantment and wealth.


    Poppies are needed to make morphine! 

  • Sweet Petite | Birth Flower Meanings and Symbolism | September's birth flower is the Morning Glory.

    September Birth Flower - Morning Glory

    September has the Morning Glory as its birth flower. Morning Glory produces large, trumpet-shaped flowers with five heart-shaped fused petals. 


    Love, affection, longing, humility and spontaneity.


    The flowers unfurl in the morning in an impressive display and close in the afternoon, hence being called Morning Glory.

  • Sweet Petite | Birth Flower Meanings and Symbolism | October's birth flower is the Marigold.

    October Birth Flower - Marigold

    October has the Marigold as its birth flower. Marigolds flower with bright shades of yellow, red or golden-orange ruffled petals.


    Elegance, determination, warmth, passion, fierce love and creativity.


    Marigolds have edible flowers. Most commonly used as an addition to salads or to decorate sweet desserts.

  • Sweet Petite | Birth Flower Meanings and Symbolism | November's birth flower is the Chrysanthemum.

    November Birth Flower - Chrysanthemum

    November has the Chrysanthemum as its birth flower. Chrysanthemums have many varieties available, including plants that blossom in daisy-like flowers and others that look like pompoms!


    Loyalty, honesty, friendship, compassion, joy, optimism, longevity and happiness.


    The first Chrysanthemum ever cultivated was in Japan. Every year on the 9th day of the 9th month (September 9,) they celebrate a Festival of Happiness in celebration of the Chrysanthemum.

  • Sweet Petite | Birth Flower Meanings and Symbolism | December's birth flower is the Jonquil.

    December Birth Flower - Jonquil

    December has the Jonquil as its birth flower. A Jonquil stem has little bright yellow blossoms appearing in clusters of two to six flowers. Jonquil flowers generally have a sweet scent and are more fragrant than Daffodils.


    Hope, wealth, friendship and good fortune.


    Jonquils come from the Narcissus family of flowers. They are both considered both lucky and unlucky when given in a bouquet. If a single Narcissus is gifted, it's believed to bring bad luck and sorrow to the recipient. A full Daffodil bouquet will bring good luck.