My sustainable packaging movement, in a nutshell:

  • Note cards printed locally on recycled eco stock from sustainable, well managed forests
  • noissue tissue - it’s acid free, sustainable tissue printed with soy based inks. For every order placed with noissue, they contribute to global reforestation by planting a tree. I choose to have mine planted in Australia as that's closest to us here in little old NZ.
  • Virgin plastic courier bags are being replaced with r3pack 100% recycled courier bags as they run out. You can reuse these in a multitude of ways, such a using to ship an item again or as a wet bag after swimming. Please remove the courier sticker label before taking it to where soft plastics can be recycled.
  • Since the beginning of Sweet Petite, it was important to me when choosing treats for my New Zealand customers, that those items supported the local economy. The coffee sachets are made here in NZ. The fudge is kiwi made, gluten free and contains no preservatives. The gluten free part is important to me too, as I have members of my family who are coeliac.

It’s not perfect by any means, but I’m making changes for the better and I thank you for your support in my quest to do my bit for the planet.